The Grown-Up Start-Up: Dell Boomi Once Again a Best Place to Work

For the second year in a row, the Philadelphia Business Journal has named Dell Boomi as a Best Place to Work.

To make its selection, the Business Journal partnered with Quantum Workplace to survey employees at companies across the region. The publication gathered anonymous responses to questions related to work environment, personal growth, professional development, people, and embracing change and new ideas.

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Digital Transformation: Pivotal Opportunity or Extinction Tipping Point for Your Organization?

Digital transformation is getting a lot of attention around South East Asia these days, with many IT conferences, news articles, and industry analyst reports covering the topic and attempting to address its challenges. Many IT leaders around Asia see it both as a necessary evil and the unknown beast they don’t know how to tame.

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Four Ways to Make Your Salesforce Integration a Breeze

Salesforce integration remains a key challenge for most organizations. With more than 150,000 mid-sized businesses and larger corporations using Salesforce, the cloud-based customer relationship management platform is a both a treasure trove of useful data and a lynchpin for daily operations.

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Renesas Reinvents Its Approach to Integration

Application integration is something that every company must eventually come to grips with. Maybe it’s pushing workloads to the cloud that brings integration to the top of the priority list. Sometimes it’s just the need to streamline internal processes and data flows. But one event is sure to create the need for integration — a merger or acquisition.

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