Integrating Work with Community Outreach for Main Line Animal Rescue

Integrating Work with Community Outreach for Main Line Animal Rescue

For all companies in the Dell family, giving back to the community is part of who we are.

From my time at Dell Boomi, I have seen that employees throughout the company aim to be not just great partners to our customers. They also care about positively contributing to the communities around the world where we live

As part of this effort, Boomi coordinates quarterly Community Outreach events, which are led by various departments on a rotating basis. As a member of our Services and Success Assurance group at Boomi headquarters in Chesterbrook, Penn., I helped organize our most recent event.

Main Line Animal Rescue (MLAR) in nearby Chester Springs was a perfect hands-on opportunity for this quarter’s Community Outreach. MLAR provides a refuge for abused or neglected dogs, cats and other small animals. MLAR relies exclusively on donations and volunteers — both of which Boomi was able to provide.

MLAR needed a lot of help with landscaping, digging a dog pool area, unloading shipments, and organizing the supply barn. So on July 28, 37 Boomi team members spent the day at MLAR.

After a brief introduction, we split up into groups and began our projects. We worked, took a tour of the facilities, ate lunch together, got to know the animals, and had fun as a team. Please see our short video of our day at MLAR.

If you’d like to find out more about MLAR and the important work they are doing for animals and families in the Main Line area, visit the MLAR site or write to

Most importantly, MLAR needs donations. Main Line Animal Rescue receives no federal, state or local funding and relies exclusively on the generosity of people like you. Please donate to MLAR today!

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