New to EDI? Here are 5 Key Guidelines to Ensure Success

In this age of smartphones, driverless cars, and artificial intelligence, it’s easy to think that EDI is old hat. The core technology is indeed quite old, dating back to the 1948 Berlin Air Lift, when suppliers and shippers needed to track deliveries of food and supplies to the parts of Berlin under Western control.

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Boomi in the News: May and June

May and June were busy months here at Dell Boomi. We announced our Spring 2017 release, delivering over 150 new features and enhancements for Boomi customers. We also announced Boomi World 2017, our inaugural customer conference, which will take place in San Francisco in September.

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Application Integration : Taking Care of Your Data During Mergers and Divestitures.

The past two years have seen record-breaking merger and acquisition activity globally. Total M&A value in 2015 soared to an all-time high of $4.5 trillion, according to Thomson Reuters. In 2016 M&A activity covered 46,000 deals, accounting for the third highest annual transaction value in history. And the outlook for 2017 remains robust.

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Adapting to the Double-Edged Sword of Shadow IT

Shadow IT is rampant and here to stay. The question is: How is your IT team adapting to it?
In most sizable organizations, various business units have deployed cloud applications without IT’s knowledge and control. These shadow IT services range from simple document sharing apps like Dropbox or Google Drive to more sophisticated software for such functions as marketing or customer relationship management (CRM

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