Healthcare Payers: Navigating the Road to Digital Transformation

Today, the CIOs of healthcare payer organizations have a new mission: put member health front and center. And to do this, payer organizations need to transform their data and analytics efforts.
Payers that have successful data strategies can achieve better healthcare outcomes for their members while lowering their claims costs. They can ensure standards of care and making a direct link between performance and reimbursements.

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Boomi in the News

The Boomi World customer and partner conference in late September generated dozens of headlines across tech media publications. Journalists reported on Boomi’s rapid growth to 6,200 customers, the new Boomi Flow platform for workflow automation development, and a Boomi survey on the state and future of enterprise integration.

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3 Tips for Salesforce Integration

Salesforce is a revolutionary information platform. It is even better with integration.
On its own, Salesforce can dramatically improve how companies run their sales operations, support their customers, and provide products and services to a market.

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The New Rules of Digital Transformation

If you’ve paid any attention over the past few years, it’s that the buyer’s journey has become quite lonely. Whether it’s the new purchase of a computer or research around a particular cloud solution, both the internet and mobile devices now offer a plethora of search pathways

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The Role of Integration in Digital Disruption

In and of themselves, technologies like social, mobile and analytics are incremental advancements that offer organizations some interesting, but not game-changing, business opportunities, says Jeanne Ross, research director at MIT’s Center for Information Systems Research.

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Boomi EDI Integration Revolutionizing Partner Trading Ecosystems

For more than 30 years, businesses around the world have depended on EDI for their trading networks and ecommerce operations.
EDI remains an indispensable technology, but many EDI products are showing their age. Some still require users to work with command-line or spreadsheet-like interfaces rather than modern low-code interfaces. And most are functioning as operational silos, disconnected from other key business applications and APIs.

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