Boosting Productivity: Application Integration Lets Scientists Be Scientists

Moderna Therapeutics, a pioneer in messenger RNA (mRNA) technologies, drives biomedical innovation by harnessing the full power of the cloud.
This approach required integration among a portfolio of applications, including SAP (ERP), Workday (HR), Solium (equity plan management), and Concur (expense reporting). For that, Moderna turned to Dell Boomi.

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​Workiva Partners with Boomi to Drive Better Data, Better Decisions for the Fortune 500

Matt Rizai, the chairman and CEO of Workiva, puts it simply: “Better data drives better decisions.”

More than 2,800 organizations, including more than 70 percent of the Fortune 500, rely on Workiva’s Wdesk enterprise management and productivity software for better decision-making and data visibility in finance, compliance, reporting, risk management and other areas

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Driving Legacy Modernization: Integration Strategies for Salesforce

Slalom Consulting is a leading, purpose-driven company that helps organizations use technology to address business problems and build for the future.
“Building for the future” often involves integrating with the legacy systems of the past. And the more entrenched those legacy systems are in your core business processes, the more likely you’ll need to adopt an iterative legacy modernization strategy that results in your data straddling two worlds, both legacy and the future.

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Winning Troika for a Software-Driven Business Built with Salesforce: Data, Processes and Automation

Today nearly every enterprise needs to be a software-driven business to survive. And the enterprises that survive tend to thrive. Change is constant, failure rates are high, and when an enterprise genuinely meets the demands of its market, they often find themselves the only one left standing — or at least the only one with a sizable market share.

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