Why Integration Development Speed Matters

Birchscale is a global, multi-billion-dollar company that manufactures products for healthcare organizations and large retailers. The firm has 14,000 employees and is growing fast by acquiring, on average, three to five companies each year.

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Boomi on Boomi: High5 Recognition Program

We use our product every day to solve common problems – and save ourselves a boatload of money. For us, the ROI of Boomi isn’t just theoretical. We constantly measure it internally. And we’re always thinking about new ways to use our platform to overcome challenges.

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Boomi Enterprise Architect Advisors Provide Long-Term Strategic Guidance for Digital Transformation

In the past year, enterprises around the world performed impressive feats of innovation and agility. They reworked IT operations to accommodate workforces that suddenly became remote. And they launched new products and services to make just about every type of engagement digital, faster, and more efficient.

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As Snowflake users know, even if you follow best practices for storing your data in a data warehouse or data lake, perennial challenges with security and governance are complicated by data privacy regulations that get more rigorous every year. And data silos just complicate matters. That’s why you’re using Snowflake!

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