Supply Chains Run Faster and Better With Boomi

The faster and more smoothly a company’s supply chain system can exchange data and manage trading partner relationships, the sooner the company can deliver products and get paid. It’s that simple.

The Boomi Platform helps accelerate supply chains by providing complete cloud-based integration capabilities in a fully self-service model. Organizations can use Boomi to exchange supply-chain data and manage trading partner relationships — without having to install and maintain software or appliances, or pay expensive fees. Plus, it’s fast.

How quick? Check out three companies that, with help from Boomi, a Dell Technologies business, have brought all new efficiencies and speed to their supply chains.

Eddie Stobart: Integration in Half the Time

How do you handle growing complexity without sacrificing speed? That was the challenge facing Eddie Stobart, an end-to-end transportation company serving the U.K. and Europe. The company’s bold claim: “We’ll move anything, anywhere, any time.”

The company’s expanding and increasingly complex EDI network was making it hard for managers to ensure fast, high-quality service. Working with traditional EDI providers, Eddie Stobart faced downtime, long project timelines and a lack of innovation.

With help from Boomi, Eddie Stobart created new, agile IT processes that have sped integration times by as much as 50 percent.

The Boomi Platform underpins and improves workflows for several business-critical processes, including customer orders, logistics management, enterprise operations, warehouse management and port-transport systems. With Boomi’s support, Eddie Stobart has also sped customer-acquisition times, cut costs and improved its integration with customers’ manufacturing applications.

Looking ahead, the company expects the Boomi Platform will help it adopt such advanced technologies as artificial intelligence (AI) and the internet of things (IoT).

“It’s not what we do that’s changed, but how we do it,” says CIO John Court. “Boomi has transformed this for us.”

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First Source: Fast and Accurate

Gourmet foods aren’t usually fast food. Yet First Source, the largest U.S. distributor of gourmet nuts and candies, prides itself on operating a supply-chain network that maintains product quality and safety, ensures that all customer orders are filled correctly, and delivers on-time.

This network helped First Source grow quickly — too quickly, in fact, for its technology infrastructure, which failed to keep pace with customer demand. So First Source sought an IT platform that would significantly speed order processing, boost volume capacity and improve order accuracy — all without requiring additional staff.

The company also set two additional goals: first, shorten its order-to-cash cycle for greater speed; and second, be able to provide customer information in real time.

To improve both supply-chain speed and quality, First Source turned to Boomi’s proven EDI expertise. Boomi B2B Management helps the food distributor share information with some 40 trading partners and customers, take orders, and send both electronic invoices and real-time logistics/shipping details.

When First Source adds a new customer as a trading partner, Boomi ensures that onboarding is fast. New customers also gain a high-speed, efficient way to trade orders, invoices, shipping paperwork and other documents.​​

“By receiving an order electronically through Boomi B2B Management, we process the order extremely quickly with 100 percent accuracy,” says Kelley Parkes, First Source’s director of technical operations.

The Boomi Platform has also empowered First Source to automate the distribution of hundreds of monthly invoices. This has cut the order-to-cash cycle time and sped order processing while boosting efficiency. It has also improved the accuracy of First Source’s order and sales forecasts. Pretty sweet.

AMCAP: Accelerating With Integration

Some companies can’t get out of their own systems’ way. That was the case for AMCAP, an Australian parts distributor for auto, commercial and industrial manufacturers that provides third- and fourth-party logistics, including the promotion and marketing of client products.

While AMCAP needed to accelerate its supply chain from order through to delivery, the company’s custom, ad-hoc integrations were slowing down business processes. Compounding the issue, hand-coded integrations made it difficult for AMCAP to access and manage critical data.

These issues were serious, because AMCAP operates in a time-sensitive industry, one that relies on fast and accurate deliveries. Also, the company was undergoing an organization-wide IT modernization effort, deemed necessary to stay competitive.

As part of this modernization effort, AMCAP moved its IT and data from an on-premise model to a more modern and flexible hybrid infrastructure with Boomi. In this way, AMCAP has streamlined its supply chain, sped delivery and provided full visibility into operations. Order-to-delivery times were dramatically reduced, too, by replacing the former weekly stock updates with information now delivered in real time.

“We implemented Boomi to ensure that all the systems and data our staff relies on are seamlessly integrated with full visibility,” says Karen Aisthorpe, the company’s national IT/IS manager. For this logistics company, relying on Boomi was only logical.

These are just some of the examples of success you’ll hear first-hand from customers at Boomi World 2019. We hope you’ll be able to join us this October 1-3 in Washington, D.C. for an exciting lineup of keynotes, breakout sessions, networking activities and more!

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