Serverless Architecture: The Future of Computing?

Will “serverless” be the new way of computing?

When we look at the evolution of computing, it’s clear that we’re moving rapidly towards greater abstraction between the application developer and the underlying hardware.

This has led to a new model in which the developer builds and runs applications and services without having to manage the infrastructure.

With serverless computing, also referred to as function as a service (FaaS), the application still runs on servers, but a third party handles all the server management. You no longer have to provision, scale or maintain servers to run your applications, databases or storage systems.

While appealing to businesses for its inherent conveniences, this abstraction removes many of the controls developers are used to.

Is FaaS the New Normal?

Amazon has been one of the strongest advocates of serverless computing, particularly since introducing AWS Lambda. There are many other big players in this space like Microsoft with its “Azure Functions” and Google with “Google Functions.”

Serverless is a new design pattern, and though it is in its infancy, it is rapidly evolving. Enterprise architects should start taking this pattern seriously and begin incorporating it in their designs, if not already doing so. But as with any architecture, Serverless computing has its advantages and disadvantages.

In an extensive post in the Boomi Community, Thameem Khan, an enterprise architect at Boomi, walks readers through a detailed examination of serverless architecture, how it compares to other architectures and how the Boomi integration platform can help your company take advantage of this new approach to computing.

To learn more about serverless architecture and FaaS, please go to the Boomi Community to read Khan’s full article, “Serverless Architecture: What Is It and How Does iPaaS Help?”

Whether you are a brand new user or experienced architect, the Boomi Community is where customers, partners and developers can share best practices, get help, discuss integration topics and learn about the Boomi platform of products for integrations, API management, master data management, EDI implementations and workflow automation.

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