From There to Here and Here to There, Data is Everywhere. Say! How Do We Integrate?

From there to here and here to there,
data is everywhere.
Say! How do we integrate?

Oh me, oh my! The rhymes that Dr. Seuss could have come up with if he had written a book about life in the digital age…

In today’s technology-driven times, businesses rely on data to inform the right strategic and operational decisions. But making sense of data that is everywhere is not easy: Some data is old, some data is new. Some is red and some is blue.

We can collect, store, integrate and transform data. Or we can consolidate it into a data lake or a data warehouse for more comprehensive analysis. There are many steps needed to take control of data throughout its journey.

In fact, you can easily collect tons of literature on the topic and write that many more.  Come to think of it, “The Lorax, Volume 2” is way overdue. Unless companies like yours care a whole lot and collectively take responsibility for data privacy and governance, nothing is going to get better. It’s not.

But back to the positive aspects that data brings to organizations. For example, if a company is  trying to transform operations to deliver a superb customer journey with personalized offerings, it has to start by integrating past, current and future technologies — a good data management strategy starts with breaking down silos. 

Then comes the need for analytical tools, machine learning and artificial intelligence (AI) to mine the data for insights, hidden patterns and correlations. For best results, it is important that most, if not all, of the data resides together in a targeted depot. 

Download our new ebook “Exploring Data Integration Patterns” to learn about the four key data integration patterns and the methods for putting them into action.

But your company’s diverse and ever-growing volume of data can easily overwhelm a company’s data center, hence the inevitable adoption of cloud — because only the cloud can offer an infinite amount of room. (Well, technically it’s finite, but for all practical purposes, it seems infinite to us.)

And then the questions begin:

  • What is the best way to migrate the data — at the beginning of the journey and then on a regular cadence?
  • Do you need to transform the data and if so, where?
  • Does it matter if some data will be fetched from on-premise sources while others will be coming from various cloud applications?
  • Plus, let’s not forget real-time integration requirements, such as connecting live operational data between applications, which is the essence of effective business operations.

Oh me, oh my!

The questions about data integration are endless, because there are so many use cases and scenarios. Data is woven into every aspect of a company’s existence.

Our new ebook “Exploring Data Integration Patterns” includes insights on the benefits and drawbacks of various integration approaches to help you determine the right strategy for your organization, no matter the use case.

And when you’ve finished reading the ebook, the famous Dr. Seuss quote, “Sometimes the questions are complicated, and the answers are simple,” may spring to mind. Where data and application integration are concerned, the answer is really simple: Boomi.

Boomi’s intelligent, flexible and scalable platform helps you connect data from everywhere and achieve business improvements, faster. Boomi supports any type of data and application integration, and the distributed architecture allows you to carry out integrations wherever needed — behind a firewall or in a private or public cloud.

Boomi supports almost any integration pattern — from point-to-point and publisher/subscriber to ETL and ELT, and from real-time to event-based. With Boomi, you can conquer cloud migration, master your application integration challenges, and take control of your data.

And will you succeed?
Yes! You will indeed!
(98 and ¾ percent guaranteed).

With Boomi, kid, you’ll move mountains.

And know that it doesn’t matter if your organization is a big enterprise or a small business with big dreams. Boomi is ideal for companies of all shapes and sizes.

You don’t know if Boomi 
will work for you, you say?
Try it, try it. 
And it may.

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