Boomi History: “Boomi On-Demand”

Years ago, we had the idea to reinvent the integration space by providing a cloud-native integration platform to address the dynamically-changing application ecosystem.

We recognized that companies would need to deal with hybrid on-premises and cloud-native architectures. Emerging cloud offerings would also empower organizations to choose and coordinate best-of-breed applications into a customized technology stack. In the invention of “Boomi On-Demand” – yes, even before it was known as AtomSphere – we had many debates and came to countless decisions, but we started from one very fundamental premise that continues to this day:

The runtime’s success should never be contingent on the availability of the administration tool.

In other words, Atoms and Clouds should never need “AtomSphere” — the web administration application — to perform their work.

This decision carries several key implications for our customers, and enables our runtime technology to be autonomous, secure, and flexible…

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