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Accelerating Data Readiness to Fuel Integrated Experiences

It’s no secret that data proliferation is growing exponentially as enterprises progress on their digital journeys. Chief Data Officers and Chief Information Officers tell us that they need to show that they cannot only drive a data-driven culture, but also demonstrate they can monetize the value of their organizations’ data. 

Their organizations are producing, capturing, and storing more data than ever before, and they struggle to find critical information and lack the tools needed to turn data into actionable insights and drive business outcomes.  

Positive outcomes require delivering data that is trustworthy, consistent, and protected faster. Yet many organizations have assembled a mix of disparate data tools over the years — and these systems simply can’t support their need for data readiness to fuel integrated experiences that customers crave. 

And as we move to an increasingly hybrid and multicloud world, with larger, even more complex data sets, integration becomes even more challenging. 

The goal is to achieve an outcome — data readiness — where clean, consistent, integrated, and secure data is delivered instantly, enabling IT to provide the data business analysts and data scientists need, already prepared for business analysis and action.

Data Fuels Integrated Experiences

By turning data into actionable insights, combined with comprehensive application connectivity and responsive, custom applications, organizations can more effectively manage, access, and protect enterprise-wide data, and accomplish data transformation initiatives at speed and scale.

To help achieve data readiness, we are giving customers the following:

DCP AtomSphere Service — In addition to the multicloud and on-premises supported service, Boomi Data Catalog and Preparation (DCP) is now available as a fully managed cloud-based service to work with the rest of the Boomi AtomSphere Platform. Delivering on the promise of a unified platform experience, customers can now connect to Boomi Master Data Hub natively from DCP and catalog their master data. The DCP AtomSphere Service breaks operational data silos, alleviating data bottlenecks with automation and intelligence to deliver faster business insights with the quality that organizations can trust.

Data Operations Professional Services Offering (DataOps PSO) — Composed of Boomi Blueprint, DevOps, and Enterprise Architecture Advisory Services, the DataOps PSO represents the next step in seamlessly integrating all forms of organizational data to achieve comprehensive integrated experiences, accelerating data governance and management.

Data Fabric — Additional elements of Boomi’s AtomSphere Platform (Master Data Hub, Integration, Flow, and API Management), combined with Data Catalog and Preparation and DataOps PSO, offer organizations a framework for a data fabric with the resources needed to output clean, consistent, trustworthy data prepped for integration to support improved business intelligence.

iPaaS Is About Connecting Data; Boomi Instantly Connects Data, Systems, and People

As I mentioned at the opening, organizations are constantly expanding their data and application footprint. With today’s announcement, Boomi can help with more than moving data between systems. 

Boomi helps automate the processes for integration, transformation, preparation, curation, security, governance, and orchestration to allow business analysts and data analysts to create analytics and insights faster. We can also help detect sensitive data types, including personally identifiable information (PII), credit card numbers, Social Security numbers, phone numbers, FICO scores, and URLs. Finally, we provide comprehensive features for maintaining control and security of the data and understanding data lineage.

Customers have been coming to Boomi with their data problems for a long time. More importantly, when we invented the integration platform as a service (iPaaS) market, we revolutionized how data was shared instantly between systems through ease of use and intelligence. 

We believe now more than ever data is essential in a world where customers demand integrated experiences. 

What Does This Mean for Potential and Existing Customers?

In the digital age, legacy organizations are endangered. Those that win have “industrialized data gathering, analytics, and decision-making to reinvent the core of the modern firm.”[1]  

Organizations that are behind cannot spend 10 years doing this — they will be out of business. They need to achieve data readiness in weeks and months and not years. Together, the Boomi AtomSphere Platform and Boomi DataOps Service will allow these organizations to make data useful and achieve data readiness, fast. 

This matters because customers no longer need to spend time, energy, and resources on assembling and managing a data platform themselves. Boomi takes the complexity out of data, and it is built for the multicloud world — exactly what data readiness is meant to achieve.

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