The Habits of Highly Effective Integration Developers

Laziness. Is that really a good habit for developers?

Search the internet for advice on the virtues of successful developers, and you’ll find a wealth of observations, not all of which exactly square with one another. The differences shouldn’t be surprising. People vary, and successful people will vary in how they go about achieving success.

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How Now Cloud? Where CIOs See the Cloud Today and For Tomorrow

As cloud technology and business practices evolve, it is important to capture the strategies that are working for chief information officers. To do this, I reached out to the followers of #CIOChat that I host on Twitter. I asked CIOs for their current thinking on public cloud, private cloud and hybrid cloud. We discussed how organizations can best take advantage of this fundamental technology shift. Hopefully, their insights prove valuable to you.

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Why the Internet of Things Depends on Integration

When a colleague suggested I read Perficient’s new guide on the Internet of Things, I was interested to see what one of Dell Boomi’s leading partners had to say on the topic. After all, guiding Boomi’s integration strategy for the IoT is part of my job.

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