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This case study examines how a leading lighting company in Ohio improved its supply chain operations and data exchange by implementing an Electronic Data Interchange (EDI) system with the help of Hathority and Boomi. The transition from Macola ERP to Boomi enabled seamless integration with over thirty trading partners, reduced manual interventions, enhanced data accuracy, and achieved cost savings, positioning the company for future growth and scalability.


Streamlining Supply Chain Operations and Data Exchange for a Leading Lighting Company through EDI Implementation

In the competitive market of lighting and ceiling fan products, efficient data exchange processes are crucial for maintaining a competitive edge. This case study details how leading lighting and ceiling fan company based out of Ohio transformed its operations by implementing an Electronic Data Interchange (EDI) system, implemented by Hathority and powered by Boomi.

Industry and Business Model

The Client is a leading lighting company with a legacy of over 90 years in the industry. Headquartered in, Ohio, the company designs and manufactures high-quality lighting fixtures and ceiling fans, serving both residential and commercial markets. Committed to innovation, superior design, and exceptional customer service, the Client offers an extensive range of products, including chandeliers, pendants, sconces, and outdoor lighting solutions. With a global presence, they continue to set the standard for lighting excellence


Current Data Exchange Processes

Before the EDI implementation, the Client managed data exchange using Macola, an ERP solution suitable for small to mid-sized businesses. Macola integrated various business processes and provided real-time performance insights. However, as the Client grew, the system's limitations became apparent, necessitating a more advanced solution.


Trading Partners and Systems Involved

The Client works with over thirty trading partners, including major retailers such as Home Depot, Lowe's, Ferguson, Lamps Plus, Lighting New York, Lumens and Wayfair. Efficiently integrating these partners into a streamlined data exchange system was essential for operational excellence and compliance.


Primary Motivators for EDI Implementation

Several factors drove the Client's decision to implement an EDI system, primarily focusing on automation to reduce manual data entry and errors, improved efficiency by integrating EDI with NetSuite ERP, and enhanced data accuracy through standardized EDI formats. These changes aimed to streamline business processes, lower operational costs, and ensure compliance with the EDI requirements of trading partners.


Objectives for the EDI Implementation

The key objectives for the EDI implementation included:


Planning and Strategy for EDI Implementation

The implementation strategy involved replicating the legacy Macola system’s functionalities within the Boomi platform. Hathority created a detailed design for each trading partner for multiple EDI messages, which was approved by the Client, and meticulously planned the transition to ensure minimal disruption to ongoing operations.


Role of Boomi and Hathority

Boomi and Hathority played pivotal roles in facilitating the EDI implementation. They provided the necessary tools and support for integrating and automating business processes. Hathority’s expertise ensured a seamless transition, addressing any technical challenges that arose during the process.


Implementation Process and Project Team

The implementation involved a dedicated team:

Key EDI transactions included:


Project life cycle:

Hathority, as a platinum Boomi IPaaS partner, efficiently implemented EDI integrations by leveraging Boomi's extensive capabilities and their own expertise. They utilized Boomi's pre-built connectors and templates to quickly establish integrations with common applications such as NetSuite. During the onboarding process, Hathority gathered detailed EDI implementation guidelines and connection information, ensuring secure and reliable communication via protocols such as AS2, SFTP, FTP, and HTTP. They validated and mapped documents using Boomi's visual mapping editor, creating reusable map functions to streamline the process and maintain accuracy across various formats like XML, JSON, and flat files.

For managing trading partners, Hathority used Boomi's tools to handle EDI IDs, document types, and communication preferences, ensuring compliance with each partner's requirements. Real-time integration and monitoring were facilitated through Boomi’s AS2 functionality and comprehensive monitoring tools, allowing Hathority to track and resolve issues promptly. Boomi's flexible deployment options, supported by Hathority's tailored consulting, enabled businesses to choose the best model—whether cloud-based or on-premises—based on their specific security and latency needs. This combination of Boomi's robust platform and Hathority's specialized services ensured efficient, compliant, and scalable EDI integrations with major retailers.


Total Active EDI Integrations

The project resulted in the creation of 120 integrations, with each trading partner having 4 to 5 integrations. This extensive setup ensured comprehensive data synchronization and operational efficiency.


Future EDI Strategy with Boomi

Looking ahead, the Client plans to further enhance their integration capabilities with Boomi. This includes integrating additional systems and implementing robust mechanisms for order cancellations, refunds, and payout transactions. The strategy focuses on scaling and optimizing EDI processes to support business growth.


Business Impact of EDI Implementation

The EDI implementation brought significant benefits:


About Boomi

Boomi is a leader in the integration and automation software market, trusted by over 20,000 global customers. The Boomi platform connects applications, data, and devices across various environments, enabling businesses to automate workflows, manage APIs, and ensure seamless data integration. Boomi’s cloud-native architecture and low-code interface simplify the integration process, making it an ideal choice for organizations looking to modernize their IT infrastructure and achieve digital transformation.

About Hathority

Hathority is a leading System Integrator and an acclaimed Boomi Platinum Partner and NetSuite Alliance Partner with over a decade of experience. Specializing in innovative iPaaS integration, Hathority offers custom solutions across diverse industries, driving digital transformation and enhancing operational efficiency. With a global presence in the United States, Canada, and India, and boasting over 300 Boomi certifications, Hathority has successfully helped numerous customers achieve their digital transformation goals through comprehensive services that include implementations, projects, and support solutions.


Customer Testimonial

"Our company faced significant challenges with maintaining accurate and synchronized data exchange across multiple trading partners. Hathority, with their Boomi iPaaS expertise, resolved these issues by implementing a robust Electronic Data Interchange (EDI) solution. They effectively automated data exchange processes, integrated EDI with our NetSuite ERP, and ensured real-time data synchronization, vastly improving our operational efficiency and data accuracy. The transformation has enhanced our supply chain operations and compliance with trading partner requirements. We highly appreciate Hathority’s dedication and technical prowess." - Director of IT, Leading Lighting Company


Vishwam Annam, CEO at Hathority, on the Project:
"At Hathority, our passion lies in helping our customers overcome their most complex data challenges. The EDI implementation project for our client, a leader in the lighting industry, exemplifies our commitment to excellence and innovation. By leveraging Boomi iPaaS, we streamlined their data exchange processes across multiple trading partners, effectively managed data integration with NetSuite ERP, and ensured real-time data accuracy.

Our approach is simple: you focus on your business, and we take care of your data challenges. This project not only improved their operational efficiency but also enhanced their compliance and data reliability through accurate and consistent data. At Hathority, we are dedicated to providing tailored solutions that drive digital transformation and deliver measurable results for our clients. We are proud to be a trusted partner in their journey towards achieving greater success."


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