Hathority was founded by technology executives who are experienced as both providers and consumers of technology services. This perspective allows us to understand the challenges of our customers.

We Connect Things

Hathority offers expert consultation and support for integration and development

“Any sufficiently advanced technology is indistinguishable from magic.” – Arthur C. Clarke.

At Hathority, we know there’s “magic” in effective, elegant integration. That’s the magic we do. We connect things. And data. And people. Our integration and development solutions are designed to ensure that people can do what they need do better with data, when, where, and how they want to do it, elegantly and quickly.

We make data meaningful for users in context and, increasingly, in real time. As the world transitions into a grand web of interconnected systems and things (IoT), people and business demand frictionless, integrated, meaningful user experiences. What they need simply is, wherever they need it, just in time.

That “Magic” is Our Niche

Hathority solutions make data clear and technology invisible

We pride ourselves on our ability to implement ideas and transform workflows through right-fit technology solutions. We work across timezones, continents and cultures to meet the needs of our teams and customers. Teamwork is woven into the fabric of the company and essential to our value proposition. It’s also one reason why Hathority is making a name for itself as a savvy partner for tackling complex and innovative use cases.

Our sandboxes are focused on IoT these days, and we’re working on becoming a Center of Excellence. We prefer to use our powers for good – to make the world, and world of work, better. Want to join us? Check out our “Partners” page. We’re always looking to bring on new talent and grow through strategic partnerships.

Teamwork Defines Projects

Hathority plays well with others

Successful integration and development projects only happen through teamwork–complex technical problem-solving is never a one-person job. Playing well with others is essential, and Hathority’s reputation for excellence is built on our customers’ and partners’ ability to trust that we deliver what we promise. Our success collaborating across project goals and business verticals is the direct result of good working relationships; we know how important they are to everyone’s success.

We listen, ask questions, and consider the complex cascade of impacts on every stakeholder when we design and recommend solutions. Hathority prides itself on an ability to hear, understand, and represent key stakeholder priorities. We work as a team with our customers to implement project processes and solutions that really address their needs.

We Do Integration and Application Development

Hathority streamlines Enterprise business operations

Hathority can help large organizations integrate irreplaceable systems with a growing number of SaaS applications in the Cloud. Modern enterprise entities often face risks that slow business down; legacy systems and information may become fragmented, siloed and ineffective because operations run independent of each other, or systems fail to communicate correctly, if at all. These issues manifest as slow response times, missed opportunities and lost profits, all for a lack of cross-system processing and data sharing that can be solved with integration, and clarified across devices and users with effective application and interface development.

Hathority offers SMBs right-size solutions

For Small and Midsize Businesses (SMBs). Hathority can help any size business do more, even with few resources. We are especially good at helping SMBs integrate seamlessly and unify interfaces/dashboard access across on-site applications, SaaS solutions, branches, customers and suppliers. With a fast-transacting business system virtualized across the entire supply chain, SMBs can leverage more opportunities than ever and profitably meet increased demand.

Hathority overcomes obstacles for SaaS Providers/Vendors and Customers

Hathority can help you correct disconnects that emerge as unintended consequences of commercial off-the-shelf (COTS) solutions rather than developing their own. Customization at the application level can be an intimidating hurdle, and Hathority can provide options for more elegant, cloud-based or hybrid solutions and SaaS products; elegant and affordable integration and development resources make it possible to streamline operations and take business to the next level.

Hathority can support your most ambitious business visions and goals.

Hathority is here to support customers. Our combination of integration and development expertise is at the ready, whether the challenge is streamlining business as usual or designing and modeling a successful path to and through novel use cases. Rest assured, if it has to do with IT, Hathority can get it done, reliably taking you and your business, and all the data and insight you need, from point A to point B (and beyond).

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