Building Open Healthcare With API Management

What the healthcare marketplace needs now is a way to easily provide and share products and services that enable healthcare consumers, providers, payers, and third-party services to interact with greater ease. Such an open healthcare marketplace will push the boundaries of data transparency for healthcare consumers.

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The Connected Business, by the Numbers

The bad news is right on top of our new infographic, The Case for the Connected Business: 89 percent of organizations suffer drawbacks from poor integration, and 59 percent of IT professionals say poor integration is their “Achilles heel.”

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Boomi’s New Chief Product Officer Talks Innovation and the Connected Business

Steve Wood, Boomi’s new chief product officer, is a serial innovator. Previously a vice president at Salesforce, Wood founded the low-code workflow development platform vendor ManyWho, acquired by Boomi in 2017. That technology is now the foundation for Boomi Flow, a key part of Boomi’s unified platform for helping its customers build connected businesses.

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